Clover Bay

Play Day 5 - Game Day 4

In which our Heroes save a monk, kill a werewolf, defeat a hag and cure Eustace

Started middle of night
Just killed little girl (werewolf)
Heard wolves howl

  • Eustace acting wolfy
    • Tied him up
    • Drugged him
  • Waganga
    • Turned into tiger
    • Lept out window
    • Saw three wolves
    • Attempted to attack
    • Failed
    • Ran back to building
  • Le Marque and Sneed
    • Blocked window with tables
    • Lit torches
  • Baxter
    • Went upstairs
    • Attacked by swarm of bats
    • Killed them with fire

Heard yell from outside calling for help

  • Waganga
    • Jumped out other window
    • Saw three wolves attacking guy
    • Two wolves sniffing around the stable
    • Roared and intimidated wolves to run away
  • Le Marque
    • Jumped out window and ran outside
  • Sneed
    • Ran to door
    • Opened it
    • Shot wolf sniffing around stable and killed it
    • Other wolf ran away

Wolves ran away

  • Waganga
    • Chased the wolves away in tiger form tracking them
  • Le Marque, Sneed and Baxter
    • questioned the priest
  • Brother Chaumert – Priest of Lathander
    • Told story of Oyo and Retna
      • Retna the Hag of the swamp
        • Enchanted werewolf Oyo
      • Oyo controls the wolves
        • Thus Retna controls them
      • Retna
        • Commanded Oyo to steal Lathander’s holy symbol from Chaumert
  • Chaumert
    • If he had it could cure Eustace from lycanthropy

Rested and Slept

  • Waganga
    • Studied wolf
  • Le Marque
    • Finally able drop dagger

Next Day (Start of Game Day 4)

Buried dead girl
Went wolf hunting
Found pack of wolves
Killed them

  • During Fight
    • Sneed knocked unconscious
    • Chaumert came to help
      • Knocked unconscious
    • Waganga healed chaumert
    • Chaumert healed Sneed
      • Gave us a silvering potion
      • Potion of healing
    • Baxter – Identified telescope

Tracked and killed werewolf and sea hag

  • Waganga
    • Took the werewolf’s head and shrunk it
  • Group
    • Sea hag hoarded old style coins



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