Clover Bay

Play Day 3 - Game Day 1

in which our Heroes capture Eigwan

Eustace – side trip
Returns symbol to temple of Torm – feels good about it
Is told by boss-man about other temples being pillaged
Another priest had a vision about the person in charge (Eigwan)
Sent out to capture the scurrilous dog in charge of the raiders
Given vague directions
Torm is guiding him but he get’s lost
Hears the creaking of a wagon
It’s the other folks

Future – Family – Baxter
Past – Family – Eustace

10 – 5 killed at monastery, 2 killed on the road
3 left including Eigwan

Investigated cottage – had franken-dog guarding it

Decided elaborate plan to infiltrate cottage
Baxter climbed roof (natural 20)
Daglemore snuck around the cottage and hid in tree
Waganga, Gaspar and Eustace stayed in wagon
We Weekend at Bernie’s the unconscious guy to sneak up
Rolled past the dog
Guy came out and started asking questions
Dagglemore fired his crossbow bolt from the trees
Fight ensued
Franken-Dog attacked and failed (never hit)
Killed by LeMarque when it fumbled
Snuck through a top floor window
Blew out Eigwan’s candle
Eigwan ran downstairs
Killed a guy who was sneaking around with a crossbow bolt
road horse over and kicked open the door
ran through and bashed a cultist in the face that was drinking a potion
After brutal death of friend tried to run back upstairs
Stopped when he sees Baxter at the top
Le Marque
Convinced Eigwan to surrender (intimidate)
Tied Eigwan up, blindfolded, gagged
Check room upstairs and there is a woman tied to the bed

Claimed to have been a captive of Eigwan
From same country as LeMarque
When freed grabbed a cloak and pair of boots
Tried to palm something into the boots and failed
LeMarque took one of the boots off
3 Pearls
Non magical
Given to Baxter
Gave her the stolen horse that LeMarque has been riding
Took scimitar of bad guy

Casts detect magic to see magic of pearls
Pearls not magical
Woman’s boot has something magical in it
Necrotic +1 Weapon
Can’t be disarmed when wielding it
Must make saving through to put it down
Baxter rolled a nat 20 so he doesn’t have to do that anymore
A couple of the books are magical
Potion in Backpack
Cure Wounds
Found an interplaner squeeze box in the basement

Searched and found stolen items (from crypts)
Loaded the booty into a crappy coffin
With help of LeMarque loaded it into the wagon

Loaded bodies into the wagon
Cure Wounds on Phil to revive him
Dosed both Phil and Eigwan with sleepy herbs (sleep for 8 hours)

Searched and found the normal cash in a secret compartment



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