Clover Bay

Play Day 2 - Game Day 1

In which our Heroes go to the funeral of Yaxellis

Through various means the heroes arrive to the funeral of Yaxellis at which a number of bad guys attempted to take the body/coffin. After a brief fight we defeated them leaving some alive.

We proceeded to interrogate the surviving members.

Yaxelis – Baxter’s Master – Dead

Eigwan sent them to fetch a white and black gem, diamonds they were.

Boor was the wizard.

Eigwan is a great seer, praise Shar (Goddess of darkness and loss).

Eigwan’s sanctuary is up the old logging road

Investigated bodies, non wizard (Boor) had tattoos indicating they are ex-military from the northern provinces

Interrogated captured guy (Phil). Works for Eigwan (a great seer). Eigwan sent them to recover the two gems, one white and one black (maybe diamonds). Boor (the wizard) was leading this small group. Also sent them to steal from the graveyard for cash.

Found diary entries with details about the gems incudling diagrams

Have a wanted poster for Eigwan – 500p – Clover Kingdom (Hero’s Wanted)

Waganga get’s a telescope

We received a wagon with 2 horses and some tools (shovel, pick axe, hammer) that was used by the fake monks.

Laundry List Actually Contained a Message
Baxter I’ve hidden the gems in the pocket inside my robe.You’ve got to keep it out of the hands of the cultists of Shar.

Loaded a duplicate coffin into the cart and are wearing monks robes

Killed a pair of fake monks with ponies on the road.
30gp worth of recovered items looted
kept one pony other ran

Taken captured guy, interrogated him. Knocked him out. bringing him with us.

Found 3 Dose of Herbs that make a person sleep for 8 hours

Found a franken-dog (dog made up of other dog)



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